4 Things to Consider When Searching for “CrossFit Gyms Near Me”

You’ve heard of CrossFit. Maybe you’ve seen fit people lifting big weights on Instagram. Maybe one of your co-workers goes to CrossFit after work every …

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Adventure, Fitness and Writing Your Own Story

Typically, we do all this work in the gym to allow us to pursue adventure OUTSIDE the gym. Maybe it is for s hunting trip into the mountains, or keeping up with your kids, or my personal favorite…. The beach body. On your deathbed, you likely won’t care about your max-rep thruster, but you WILL be glad you climbed Half Dome at Yosemite, or finished the Rim-to-Rim Challenge at Grand Canyon National Park…. and those thrusters helped you do it.

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Setting Yourself Up for Success

Typically, we don’t rise to the level of challenge we face, rather, we fall to the level of preparation we have. This is why military …

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