"Burn" Boot Camp

Are you looking for accountability, results, and the best hour of your day? Cobra Command has the service you're looking for. With our diverse group of coaches who specialize in physical fitness, specialized movements, rehabilitation, nutrition, and exercise physiology we are determend to help you reach your goals. 

 Our Boot camp is high intensity interval training that leverages basic  movements using body weight as well as weighted equipment that will make  for "cardio" unlike any you've experienced. CrossFit is defined as  "constantly varied functional movements performed at relatively high  intensity" — drawing from gymnastics, cardiovascular endurance sports  and Olympic weightlifting — which is highly measurable and this  measurability is a main factor in increased motivation, greater  accountability, and building a community that compares, shares and  celebrates success. In every class, our athletes are taught proper  technique, are expected to do the work, and get results. Your coach will  know you by name and your progress is the reason he or she is here.  Both formats are always changing, never boring, and always safe and  tailored to the individual athlete. 

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