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Indoor Cycling

Get Your Sweat on in a high paced class!

Pump up the volume with our low impact, high intensity indoor cycling class! This group class focuses on building strength and endurance through high intensity intervals, sprints and muscle building climbs- all while we at jamming out to the latest in Hip Hop, Rock and Rap. We use Concept 2 Bike Ergs- a type stationary bike with a weighted flywheel that helps to increase our calorie burn during this high energy, fast paced vibe class. 


Why Indoor Cycling Class?

It is All About YOU!

Studio Naga's knowledgable and experienced instructors help keep this class all about you! No matter your fitness level or limitations, our instructors will guide you to a great workout 

Constant Variety

No two classes will ever be the same! We offer ever changing intervals, music and class types so you never end up bored 

One-on-One Attention

Our instructors will make you feel like each class is an individual session. You will get individual feedback, motivation and assistance throughout the class

Build Strength

Cycling classes are designed to help you build strength- not just in your legs, but also your core! We focus on building strength through our weighted flywheel designed bikes. 

Improve Endurance

Our high intensity intervals, sprints and steady state cardio design ensures we are taking your cardio to the next level with every. single. class

Fire Up Your Metabolism

There is no question about it, our custom designed cycling classes will ensure we get your metabolism fired up, burning 400-800 calories per class!