Dana Paran

CrossFit L1


Dana grew up in North Carolina, mainly focusing on basketball as her sport and pursued a D1 scholarship at Appalachian State University. After burning out, she resorted to bodybuilding until she discovered CrossFit in December of 2015. Dana trained as both an olympic weightlifter and a CrossFit open athlete until she went to the dark side, converting fully into an olympic weightlifter. In Feb. of 2016, Dana won the USAW Junior National Championship and earned a spot on the Junior Pan Ams team for USA. Shortly after, Dana was recruited for Team USA at Northern Michigan University, becoming a resident weightlifter and full time student. With a box conveniently located across the road from her dorm, she was drawn back into CrossFit in January of 2017 and she now strives to be a more well rounded athlete. Dana loves coaching all things CrossFit, but is most excited to work with athletes on the barbell!

Favorite Movement(s): Snatches/Ring Muscle ups/Handstand push-ups

Favorite Workout: CrossFit Open “17.3”

Favorite Food: Anything I’m a vacuum