Scott Gillespie



 CrossFit L2 Trainer

Scott was born and raised in Kansas, playing multiple sports growing up – track, football, basketball, swimming, soccer, and baseball. Scott has always had a passion for running and followed that dream to college, where he ran at the University of Arkansas. His biggest accomplishment there while being a razorback, was running a 4:01 mile, and placing third at the SEC Championships, and winning 2 team SEC Championships.

After Scott graduated he was looking for a new challenge and found CrossFit. He began doing CrossFit mainsheet workouts at a local gym (which turned out to be a great decision, because thats where he met his wife). He soon realized that he could accomplish his CrossFit goals at a mainstream gym, and then joined a CrossFit “Box”, quickly followed by obtaining his CrossFit L1 Certificate. He enjoys pushing himself everyday in the gym and is aspiring to make it to regionals.

Scott loves coaching CrossFit athletes because he enjoys seeing people push themselves everyday to their limits. “Its the best feeling to see an athlete accomplish a fitness goal, knowing that I was able to help coach them to it.”

Favorite movement(s) : Double Unders and Muscle Ups

Favorite Workout : Murph

Favorite athlete : Rich Froning

Best day to eat ice cream : Sunday… or any day that ends in “y”!