Setting Yourself Up for Success

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Typically, we don’t rise to the level of challenge we face, rather, we fall to the level of preparation we have. This is why military units spend so much time training and simulating for their mission. You know, the old adage: “Practice makes perfect”.

Commitment to a process is what truly sets us up for long term success. Using our physical and mental muscles to meet the expected challenges of life, in the heat of the moment, with precise accuracy. 

Seems easy enough, right? Truth is, it is often harder than it sounds. 

We’re wired to save energy. To take the path of least resistance. To take the easiest route.

We lay in bed scrolling through Instagram, Facebook and better yet, TikTok, because it’s easier than getting up and heading to the gym. We put off prep cooking or packing a healthy lunch because “we are so busy” … and then end up hitting a fast-food restaurant because it is fast and easy.

Establishing new and better habits does not mean magically slaying the bad habit dragon. It also doesn’t mean mustering some deep dark motivation to suddenly make better decisions. Those sudden and extreme changes don’t stick… at least not for long. The answer is actually much easier and works WITH human nature.   

Here at Cobra Command, we use commitment devices to help you find success in behavior change. Think accountability through commitment. If you make an appointment to meet with a Coach for Personal Training, you will show up to the gym. If you know your Nutrition Coach is checking your food logs, you will make food choices that align with your nutrition goals. If your friend is meeting you for a healthy lunch in the park, you will prep your meal. 

Here is one very simple commitment device you can set up right now:

  1. Write down/log what your lunches will be for the week. Bust out the old school pen and paper or hop on My Fitness Pal to make it easy! Here is what to do next: 
  • Make it easy by either eating the same thing most days (batch cooking anyone??) OR plan your dinners for the week and carry the leftovers over to the next day’s lunches. Boom. Easy Sauce. 
  • Write up your grocery list and head to the store! Buy the groceries you’ll need. Don’t forget healthy snacks while you are there! 
  • Set aside one hour for food prep TONIGHT. Keep it easy… one sheet pan bake, crockpot recipes, or hit the grill! Chop up vegetables, proteins, fruit or any other yummies. Put them into separate containers to keep it fresh. 
  • Set yourself up by cooking enough for the full week right off the bat. 

No need to get fancy. Most of us eat the same things, or similar things day to day. That can actually be a really great thing if you have a busy life! One less decision each day, and consistency in healthy eating! Save your variety for dinner… and just focus on planning ahead for your lunches! 

Commitment devices remove friction and the burden of choice. Do your future self a favor: Make commitments in advance! 

In Health & Wellness,

Coaching Jill

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